Jammers are used in drone defense to block the control and GPS (optional) signals so that the drone no longer receives any signals it needs for orientation. If this is the case, the drone is forced to land and therefore no longer poses a danger. One advantage of this method is that it does not damage the drone. Extremely effective with highest range.

The AARTOS CMS (Counter-Measure Solutions) can only be sold to entities with proper government approval for the deployment of jammers.


The new AARTOS ALL Frequency Jammer

  • Extremely high jamming range of up to 8 km (higher range on request)
  • Covers ALL drones within frequency range
  • Fully programmable frequency range & bands\Up to 360° (8 Sectors)
  • ALL frequency directional jammer
  • Targeted jamming (automatic or by operator)
  • Directional and/or omnidirectional antenna

Jammer versions

  • Mini UVA Jammer
    For AARTOS X3, X5, X7, X9
  • Mobile Manpack Jammer For AARTOS X3, X5, X7, X9
  • Automatic Corner Jammer 180°
    For AARTOS X5, X7, X9
  • Automatic Omni-Jammer 360°
    For AARTOS X5, X7, X9


  • Range —— High range of >1km
  • Range —– Up to 2,5km
  • Range —— 3–6km (180–650W)
  • Range —— 3–8km (360–1300W)


  • Sectors ——-2
  • Sectors——–4


  • Antennas——–1 Directional
  • Antennas——–1 Directional, 1 Omni
  • Antennas——–2 Directional, 1 Omni
  • Antennas——–4 Directional, 1 Omni 


  • Bands——–Covers 4
  • Bands——–Covers 5
  • Bands——–Covers 7–8
  • Bands——–Covers 14–16

  • Output power——–32W
  • Output power——–120W
  • Output power——–180–650W (3–6km)
  • Output power——–360–1300W (3–8km)

we believe the advantages of RF outweigh those provided by a Radar in every category with the exception of tracking UAVs flying without RF emission that comprise of a small percentage of highly sophisticated UAVs. We can integrate any radar of the customer’s choosing and for additional verification we have available a wide range of different radars depending on the customer needs (low range, low cost or high end 3D).

The fully integrated AARTOS Radar can automatically determine and display the exact position, flight direction, altitude, speed and classification of an inbound drone. All target flight routes are shown in real time and in 3D. Depending on the radar it can distinguish between birds, fixed wing and propeller drones. Multiple alarm areas can be configured.

  • Works with high number of drones at the same time
  • Up to 0,1° accuracy (depending on the radar)
  • Up to 3km range
  • Distinguishes between birds and drones
  • 360° coverage