As a trusted supplier to major media broadcasters, KB security understands the extensive risk management needs of media organisations – especially their on-the-ground teams.

As a journalist, correspondent, or media team traveling to cover global news, you may find yourself in a region that requires safety precautions. Including a security adviser, remote medic or security driver in your team reduces risks of criminal attacks and kidnapping.

Responsibility and Duties taken by our officers :

We would assess the threat level and ascertain what systems should be put in place to minimise this.

Undertake thorough research into the vulnerability of all personnel and the levels of risk (if any).

Provide a complete contact list and breakdown of medical and security agencies in the risk area.

Assure that all parties are fully aware of procedures in case of incident and possible risks to themselves.

Constantly update the relevant people on the ground on the security situation as and when it may change.