We provide your Site or Premises with a full CCTV package from bespoken installation to round-the-clock monitoring services, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, carried out by our fully trained, qualified and professional personnel.

If you need CCTV Camera installed, our dedicated team of security personnel will come out  and perform a free risk assessment (site survey) to help you select the perfect system for your Sites or Premises

Our CCTV system can be monitored and recorded live via our control room or on site by our CCTV officer, we  also provide further security measures so that the image and footage can be provided, recalled and reviewed in the events of investigation at a future date, depending on how long the footage was achieved in our control room.

Our qualified CCTV operator have the below responsibility to carry :

Be alert at all time.

To provide a high quality service to our customers at all times in line with our work instructions.

To liaise with the Police, other approved agencies  and to assist with investigations to ensure the appropriate use of the system and in line with the current codes of practice as set by the Data Commissioner. Including all evidential records and witness statements are to a standard acceptable to the rules of evidence.

To deal with any incident or occurrence in accordance with the site specific assignment instructions and to report such incidents promptly as per KB Security Services reporting procedures.

To provide an efficient and courteous radio and telephone answering service and deal efficiently with all inquiries.

Ensure that all check calls are made as per assignment instructions.

To diligently take and hand over every duty shift. To ensure that all site equipment is signed for on each shift changeover.

To conduct all patrols diligently, in full and in accordance with the site assignment instructions.

To carry out any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the relevant manager or on his/her behalf.