We have a 24 hr Security and patrol teams who are experts in preventing and deterring criminal activity on industrial sites, working round the clock to ensure the protection of your assets, products and safety of your staff for peace of mind 

We work closely with you and your staff to ensure your business is getting the best loss prevention and protection strategy that is tailored to your business, individual needs and requirements.

Our security team are able to liaise with the local police officer when needed and site manager and other security teams creating a co-operative and safe environment for everyone, no matter how remotely or centralized your premises are.

How we can help secure your warehouse.

 – Access Control.                       

   – Visual Deterrent.

   – Managing Deliveries.              

   – Car Park Supervision.

   – Conducting Patrols.             

   – On-site & Remote cctv surveillance

   – Mobile patrol.                         

   – Safety Supervision.

   – Vehicle & Personal Search.    

   – 24 Hrs Security Guard.

   – Gate house staff.                     

   – Risk Assessment Report & safety plans

   – Control Room Staff.               

   – Load checking.